Most Sundays I make up our bed with fresh sheets. I say “most” because occasionally a trip or something else throws off my schedule. But Sunday is the day that “fresh bedding” typically appears on my chore list. As you can imagine, I’m fairly particular when it comes to bedding. Greg and I sleep in a room that’s unheated so the pile of blankets and comforters grows as the season turns cooler and the days shorten and ebbs as the days grow longer. We max out at a pile that includes a flannel top sheet, a light fleece blanket, a heavy wool blanket, a down comforter, and a beautiful quilt I picked up several years ago when Liberty of London partnered with Target to produce a line of products that was heavy on floral.


If Seattle is experiencing a cold snap, we turn to our bed heater—a plug-in heated mattress pad that makes the bed deliciously warm on particularly cold nights. But you have to plan ahead and make sure you turn on the bed heater a couple of hours before you climb into bed. In the winter, if I’m out for the evening and didn’t have the good sense to plan ahead, I’ve been known to phone home to ask if someone would please, please, turn on my bed heater.

The finishing touch of a well-made bed is a set of crisp, freshly ironed pillowcases. I have a fairly extensive collection of vintage pillowslips that I’ve collected from flea markets, antique shops, eBay, and so on. I love their delicate embroidery and lacework and mourn them when they finally fall to pieces, as they inevitably do.

In the past few years, I’ve added new pillowcases to my collection too because it’s not very easy to find the vintage slips and when I do find them, they’re much more expensive that they used to be. An added benefit is that the new slips rarely fall apart so they’re just a bit less heartbreaking to iron.

Because I have plenty of pillowcases in my collection, I can go many weeks between ironing sessions. When my stock runs low, I sprinkle the cases I’ve laundered and set aside in a basket in the basement, and then I spend a couple of hours ironing in the living room while watching a movie or catching up on Tivo’d television shows.

My fixation on collecting pillowcases means that on ironing days, the drawer in which I keep them overflows. This week I noticed that certain sets of pillowcases never make it to our bed or to the girls’ beds even if I’m running low. There’s nothing wrong with these cases, I just don’t love them as much so I never use them.

Offering: two pairs of pillow cases, one standard size set of flannels from Garnet Hill and a king-sized set with flower details, freshly pressed.



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